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Views from Progressive Mountain

February 9, 2010

Views from Progressive Mountain

You’re the guy you hate…


First of all, if this offends you as a pro wrestling fan, I don’t care.  The truth hurts.  You are the reason some of us have to work hard to get anywhere in the pro wrestling business when outside of this “industry”, people know what we’re capable of and value our work (see About the Author, sucka MC).  You’re amazing ability to point out every flaw, combined with your total and utter lack of talent in implementing real solutions defines a line in professional wrestling.  You should feel accomplished.  Other than your continued viewing of products you profess to hate and your continued spending on your pro wrestling habit, this is the only contribution you’ve made. 

You see, this line is the line between a “smart mark” and someone who is legitimately part of professional wrestling.  Smart mark: a term that once should have conjured up images of a true wrestling enthusiast, but has now devolved in the mind of anybody in the business as a synonym for “douchebag”.  You know the word douchebag (or a word like it) very well.  It’s what you call all of those guys that used to beat you up in school.

That’s it in a nutshell, guys and gals.  You are the professional wrestling equivalent of the guy that used to slap you around…  or whatever it is that the girl bullies did in school… 

You are professional wrestling’s version of the guy that was on top of the world, getting laughs and acting like a total tool in his circle of friends, all while the outside world sees you for what you really are.  In the world of pro wrestling, much like the real outside world of employment opportunities and social groups for the aforementioned bully, you are not wanted.

There should come a time in a person’s life when they ask themselves why they spend all of their time devoted to an activity/group that they feel they are better than.  I would never join a racial supremacy group because it is wrong, immoral, closed-minded, and all of the members of such groups are less than a flavorless old piece of Juicy Fruit on the bottom of my shoe. 

Although that is an extreme example, it proves a point.  Do something with your life that you feel is worth it.  Do something that – and I know this is hard for you to comprehend – you actual can be positive about.

If there are aspects of pro wrestling that you don’t like, cut them out.  If you feel that all WWE or TNA does is hold back talent and push old people, stop watching.  If you feel that ROH, CHIKARA, or DGUSA are bush league, say no to those indies!  If every independent wrestler makes you want to point and laugh in your local area, perhaps the ten bucks spent at that show would be better spent on that cardiac-arrestinator burger you like to scarf down while playing World of Warcraft.

Now I know that this all can come across as a little harsh… but seriously, people!  I’m not some big shot wrestling insider with all of the answers, but if I have something negative to say it is followed by something I plan to do to remedy the situation.  My solution is to build something from the bottom up in my area that I have the passion to do correctly and with enthusiasm. That means cutting out what doesn’t work, and going with what does… and it also means that it isn’t going to happen overnight.

You don’t have to be a wrestling promoter or talent to have a positive impact.  You also don’t have to like everything that is served to you by any individual or pro wrestling company.  If you truly love your rasslin’, then you support the things you do like!  Complaining is okay, as long as it doesn’t become who you are.

In short, find what makes you happy.  Life is too short to become the Internet version of that butthole from high school, fool!

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